Why Choose Jim’s for Your Lawn Mowing Services?

Jim’s Mowing has long been Australia’s most trusted name in lawn and garden care. Since 1989, we have been ensuring that Australia’s lawns are kept clean, lush and healthy, and have since built a reputation as the country’s go-to provider of this service.

When you contact Jim’s for a quote on lawn mowing, you will be getting in touch with a company who truly cares about the state of your garden, and won’t just rush in and out when completing the job.

Furthermore, as we have long been established as Australia’s trusted name in lawn mowing, we can happily provide our service for an outstanding price, as we don’t believe our beloved clients should have to pay a fortune for garden care.

Our team are highly trained, skilled and experienced lawn and garden maintenance professionals, and will gladly set up an ongoing service system for your property. We operate in both the residential and commercial sectors, so if you run a business whose lawn needs regular maintenance, simply contact Jim’s for a quote.

Providing an Extensive List of Services

Jim’s Mowing has expanded far beyond the days as a sole lawn mowing business. We now offer a comprehensive range of garden care services, ensuring that your property is looking fresh and inviting year-round. Whatever it may be: hedging and pruning, landscaping, irrigation services, pest control – we can take care of it for you.

Our professional gardeners are trained to provide a comprehensive list of services for our clients, and do so with skill and efficiency. We understand that you want your garden to look clean and happy, but may not have the time to take care of it yourself. Therefore, all you have to do is contact our professionals to receive garden maintenance services for an outstanding price.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters Need Cleaning? Roofing gutters should be cleared seasonally to avoid water build up and overflow.

True Lawn Specialists

The guaranteed ability to work 12 months of the year, even in the harsh Australian winter, with training.

Licensed & Insured

The guaranteed ability to work 12 months of the year, even in the harsh Australian winter, with training, head office support.

Client Testimonials

Contact us for a quote

Call Jim’s Mowing Melbourne for a free, no-obligation quote for your desired service. We’re all too happy to construct a package and deliver the services you need in your garden and lawn. With a tailored quote on your individual service, and gardening work completed all over Melbourne, the inner suburbs and areas a bit further from the city, you have nothing to lose by picking up the phone.

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