Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Why Choose Jim’s for Your Hedge Pruning and Trimming?

Jim’s Mowing has long been Melbourne’s eastern suburbs’ go-to provider of hedge pruning and trimming services. Our name has become synonymous with Australian culture: when you need a reliable provider of hedge pruning and trimming, you know you can rely on Jim’s for the best service in Melbourne.

Our process for hedge pruning and trimming in Melbourne

We believe in getting the job done with skill and efficiency. The health and happiness of your garden is important to the team at Jim’s, and we ensure that when we have a job at your property, we do it well. Offering homes and commercial properties throughout Melbourne with a top-class trimmer solutions, we treat each property as if it were our own – ensuring that your garden ends up clean, healthy and inviting.

We understand that you want your garden to be in the best shape possible, and we also understand that you might not have the time to take care of it yourself. Therefore, allow our highly skilled and experienced gardening professionals to provide your property with a comprehensive service.

Why is it important to invest in a hedge trimmer?

Whether you have this aspect done professionally or not, it’s important to undergo pruning regularly, so that the health of your plants is kept at the best it can be. Our hedge pruning services are designed to effectively maintain these aspects of your garden, granting it both longevity and better aesthetic appeal. Plus, no one one wants to deal with overgrown plants.

We recommend hedge trimming in the later parts of winter, because this is when the plant makes buds but are usually dormant. So, if you want to cut them all back drastically, this is the best time to do so.

When you choose to do hedge pruning at an inappropriate time, you’re more likely to deal with a lack of growth or too much of it. Because this can be a finicky process, we always recommend having a professional deal with the hard yards for you.

Contact our team to make a booking

If you would like your property to receive Jim’s hedge pruning and trimming service, or would like to find out more about what we do, please feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of staff. We are committed to providing our valued Melbourne clients with an exceptional standard of communication, and will be happy to answer any questions you have or book your property in for a time that suits you best. 

So call Jim’s Mowing today on 1300 260 785 or Book Online for all your Hedge Trimming and Pruning needs. We’re always more than happy to provide you with reliable advice or answer any questions, if you happen to have any. Moreover, we can provide you with any guidance on how to maintain your yard for the long-term, helping you to keep your plants tidy.