It’s summertime and we are all ready for that well-deserved holiday. Before you lock up your house and away, is your lawn ready to be left on its own for a while? After all, coming home to a mess of weeds, dried patches and cracked soil is no way to bookend a getaway. Read our five tips to get your garden in tip-top shape before your holiday.


  1. Fertilize now 
    When last did you fertilize your soil? If you’re not sure, not to worry, now’s the ideal time to give your lawn the nutrients it needs with a good coating of fertilizer. Summer temperatures haven’t peaked yet, you won’t burn your lawn. To make it even easier on yourself, use slow-release lawn fertilizer.
  2. Water in the morning
    Temperature, once again, is key here. The cooler morning hours are the ideal time to water your garden. It will give your lawn the time to absorb as much water as it can, as deeply as it can, before it gets too hot, and the water evaporates. If you can, rather give your soil a good long soak, but less frequently. It will help your garden more than a daily shallow shower.

  3. Wetting agent
    Adding a wetting agent to your soil will improve water penetration by reducing surface tension. Put simply, water will be less likely to just sit at the surface and evaporate as the temperature increases, defeating the purpose of watering your garden in the first place.
  4. Pest and weed control
    Bugs and other pests can wreak havoc on the healthiest of lawns. If your garden will be left unmonitored while you are away, using the appropriate pesticides to take care of critters such as fire ants or crickets will go a long way in keeping your lawn healthy.Weeds are potent things. They often grow as and where they see fit. To protect your lawn, keep it aerated, make sure your soil is nutrient-rich and use the right herbicides to tackle particularly invasive weeds. Before you leave, ensure your garden has been thoroughly cleared of unwanted weeds, it will help ensure you don’t come home to a forest of wild growth.
  5.  Weeding and mowing
    It is important to ensure your lawn is mowed at the right length. Mow it too low, and your grass may not be able to properly feed itself. Ideally, you would want to cut your grass to about one-third of its average length.By following these five simple tips, you’ll set your garden up to withstand the harshness of the Australian summer while you are away. If you need more information about what products to use, general garden maintenance, or if you require assistance with your lawn, do not hesitate to contact Jim’s Mowing today.