Lawn Mowing

Cheap Lawn Mowing Services in Melbourne

Need your grass attended to? And don’t have the time, tools or expertise to do it yourself? Give Jim’s Mowing a call on 1300 260 785 – we can often provide a same-day lawn mowing and gardening service in Melbourne, if our schedule permits.

Whether you are after a one-off, quick grass cut before new tenants move in, some interim maintenance while you’re away on holidays, or more regular maintenance & gardening services, let us show you why Jim’s is the largest and most trusted experts in Australia.

Our work is backed by our famous 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our staff are all fully trained, insured and police checked, so your lawn and your property are in safe hands. Your local Jim’s team can also provide advice and assistance for longer-term, seasonal care – including weeding and pest control, fertilising, soil management, aeration, coring, through to turf laying and repair.

You will see the difference with professional cut provides with expert trimming and edging of the entire area, around trees and garden features.

For larger properties, we offer ride-on lawn mowing services and grass slashing for rural and industrial areas. For commercial properties and businesses, we can coordinate lawn mowing to be after hours or in the off-peak times for your businesses.

Why should you have a professional do your lawn mowing in Melbourne?

Not everyone likes the hassle of trimming their own grass, especially when it becomes overgrown and hard to tackle. Experts who are well-versed in handling these situations also know how to combat a variety of grass species, knowing exactly when the right time to mow is, or how to go about best approaching it.

Beyond these simple facts, an expert can also ensure the health of your lawn is maintained, keeping all aspects of growth and upkeep in mind. If there’s particulars they feel you need to know about keeping things at bay in-between mowing sessions, they’ll also equip you with handy tips and tricks.

Let’s face it, though. Not all of us have spare time on our hands to spend in our gardens – even if we’d like to. Professional & cheap lawn mowing services in Melbourne ticks this box for you, letting you complete other jobs or chores around the house that also need attending to.

What happens if you don’t cut your grass?

Leaving your lawn to grow too long means it obviously becomes a lot stronger and taller in nature. It’s then hard to deal with, embedding itself well into the earth and making removal harder to do. Once it reaches a certain height, it’ll often sit dormant and remain unsightly. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to return it back to normal, and potentially more expensive to do so as well. 

So call Jim’s for cheap lawn mowing today on 1300 260 785 or Book Online for all your gardening and grass needs. We can provide you with a quote for your job or answer any additional questions you might have about your space.