Jim’s Mowing Melbourne provides a lawn care service that’s been transforming the region’s gardens for years on end. Proudly an iconic name in the field, the team is committed to recreating run-down landscapes to look as good-as-new. No yard has been too hard to tackle during this time, providing challenge after challenge – something Jim’s team loves to rise to.

With a combination of services spanning throughout garden care, rubbish removal, cheap lawn mowing services, hedging, pruning and gutter cleaning, our lineup of experts extends across numerous branches in the company, with franchises all throughout Australia.

So how exactly did our brand rise to prominence? In this article, we explore Jim’s Mowing’s story – from inception to current-day operations.

Where it all started – cheap lawn mowing

Jim’s Mowing is a long-standing franchise, which was founded in 1982 by Jim Penman. It originated as a side business, while Jim continued his history PhD at Latrobe University. The business quickly became very successful, rising as a franchise in 1989.

The Franchising of Jim’s Mowing

The company eventually became so successful that it was able to establish multiple sub-franchises. This began with Jim’s Cleaning, followed by Jim’s Building inspections, Fencing, Antennas, Handyman, Pest Control and Dog Wash. The extent of the coverage of these businesses demonstrates the success and popularity of the company’s name, now considered a ‘go-to’ for a whole plethora of services.

Current Success

Since its inception, Jim’s Mowing has become increasingly popular, now spanning across 4000 franchises throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Great Britain. The incredible growth of the business can be greatly attributed to the great management skills of the company, allowing for stellar service for its customers.

Our Speciality

What has set Jim’s Mowing apart from its other competitors is the personal feel of the company. Jim Penman is still actively involved in the daily operations of the business and all of its branches.

The company places a high value on the quality of staff, with exceptional testing and training provided on all areas. Meanwhile, police checking is now a requirement, ensuring all staff members are insured and able to deliver on expectations.

With all of this combined, our company continues to deliver Melbourne cheap mowing services that exceed quality benchmarks, and still remain a highly sought after solution for homeowners and businesses alike. Our reviews can attest to this, claiming great communication as well as quick, cheap and high-quality service on all fronts.

A Complete Suite of Mowing Services

Jim’s Mowing Melbourne is one of the many location-based providers in the industry. We’re able to provide an offering that’s tailored and catered towards the gardening, lawn and landscaping needs of yards across this particular region.

While our franchise is known for its cheap mowing services, which is backed by the famous 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we’re also experts in a wide variety of solutions. Consider us your experts for all aspects of home maintenance, anywhere in Melbourne.

Let’s get those lawns done, shall we?