Gone are the days where chemical fertilizers were considered the go-to product to grow and maintain a healthy lawn. Now, more and more people are switching to organic lawn care to provide their grass with everything it needs to thrive.

So, what exactly is organic lawn care, how does it work and why should you choose it over chemical options? Keep reading to find out…

What is organic lawn care?

Organic lawn care is the process of caring and maintaining your lawn in a way that is natural and free from chemicals and pesticides. Its focus is on enriching the soil to provide the right balance of nutrients for grass to thrive.

This approach has been used for decades by farmers who wanted to improve their crops without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Now, as more and more people push towards greener, more eco-friendly living, it has become common for regular households to adopt this method.

The benefits of organic lawn care

There are many amazing benefits of using an organic lawn care approach. Here are just a few great ways it can help you grow a healthy, beautiful lawn:

  1. It improves soil health

Healthy soil provides the foundation for a luscious lawn. If your soil is lacking in any way, you will likely see the knock-on effects in the quality of your grass. Organic lawn care focuses on providing much-needed nutrients, moisture and aeration to the soil to ensure that it is in ideal condition for growth.

  1. It’s safer for you and the environment

As most of us know, chemicals aren’t the best for the health of humans, animals or the environment. Because of this, many people are switching from chemical fertilizers to organic options to ensure that the lawn remains a safe, healthy space for everyone to enjoy. Organic lawn care also doesn’t pose a risk to the environment through chemical run-offs, which is particularly important for the health of our planet!

  1. It helps root growth

Healthy roots make for healthy grass! Organic lawn care slowly releases much-needed nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium into the roots, giving them exactly what they need to grow strong. Because of this, your grass will continue to grow lush and beautiful.

  1. You can’t ‘overfeed’ your grass

With chemical lawn treatments, there is always the risk of harming your lawn through ‘overfeeding’. However, this isn’t a concern with organic lawn care. The roots of your grass will take the nutrients it needs from the soil, when it needs it. Therefore, overfeeding is no longer something you need to worry about!

  1. It safeguards the health of your lawn

When your grass is healthy, thick and getting all the nutrients it needs, it will have a better chance of defending itself from issues like lawn diseases and pests. Think of organic lawn care as your lawn’s immune system; this approach strengthens its ability to fight off sickness and keep your grass looking great!