Finally, the winter chill is lifting, and the warm spring sun is coming out. That means we can turn our attention to our green thumbs again and start preparing our yards to look spectacular by summer.

Before you get planting, there is a bit of preparation work that has to be done first. Here are some of the top tips for preparing your yard and gardens for the best results. Let’s get that yard of yours to look amazing, shall we?

Check your shed and all of your tools

Over winter, it is highly likely that you have left your tools unattended or in storage (it’s okay, you can admit it). That means they are going to need to be checked before you plan any gardening adventures, as manual tools might have rusted or seized up while your power tools are likely to need service and might have old fuel or oil in them.

Take a day to oil, sharpen and service all of your tools, arrange your shed and head off to the tool store for any new requirements before you even hit the yard work.

Get on top of the weeds

While they may have laid dormant beneath the surface of the soil during winter, there are going to be weeds present in your yard, and the warmer weather during spring will make them shoot to life. Be proactive and get onto them with a herbicide and get some landscape fabrics laid or a nice thick layer of mulch to stop them breaking through to the surface.

Prepare your lawns

If you want luscious green grass for summer, you are going to need to put the work in now. Spring is the best time to prepare your lawn, start by getting out the pitchfork and aerating the soil and break out the weed killer – which will also prevent bindis that will ruin every game of backyard cricket. Seed up those barren patches, get some lawn feeder, and by Christmas, your yard will be the envy of the suburb.

Clear your garden beds

Autumn and winter have likely left a nice layer of mulch on your garden bed. However, before your clear those off get the pruning shears out and give your plants and shrubs the haircut they need. Then you can remove all of the waste and turn over that soil to get some oxygen in there (be sure to add a layer of mulch before you start so you can get that nice and deep as well). Then you are ready for planting.

Select your favourite flowers and plants and get planting

Spring is an ideal month to plant just about anything as the conditions are going to be perfect. Ensure you have put all of the prep work in first and you will be able to reap the rewards during the spring months and have a spectacular yard and gardens ready for summer.