The year 2020 has brought many unwelcome changes to the lives of many Australians.

The unprecedented bush fires across the country in the early months left many homes and businesses destroyed and uncertain times ahead for many industries including agricultural operations and tourism.

Then, came the threat of COVID-19 that has seen many businesses forced into closure and many, many more facing a very uncertain future.

For those looking for a new start, reliable income and a way to inject themselves back in the workforce, lawn and garden service franchises present golden opportunities.

Jim’s Mowing can help get you back on your feet quickly with franchise opportunities available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other metropolitan, regional and even rural areas.

The future is bright for Jim’s Mowing franchise owners

Gardening services like ours have been a huge growth industry in recent years as more and more households turn to the professionals. In part, this can be attributed to people becoming more time poor and requiring assistance to get the job done.

But a large reason behind the industry growing more than $30 billion from 2013 to 2019 lies in the quality of the job. Professional lawn service providers can get the job done in a much shorter time frame and deliver professional services that leave the lawn looking immaculate at all times.

It has more and more people turning to the experts to have their lawns and gardens maintained on a regular basis and means the industry will continue to grow into the future.

Owning a Jim’s Mowing franchise will deliver you much-needed flexibility

Even when you don’t factor in the events of 2020, life remains a juggle for many Australian families, especially when you have working parents with children at home or in school. Managing all your responsibilities and paying the bills can be a huge challenge in itself.

Owning a Jim’s Mowing franchise allows you to work on your terms and fit in with your schedule. This means having the flexibility to choose when you want to put in the hours, freeing up time for school drop off and pick up, attending those sporting carnivals and also giving you the opportunity to be on the clock for as many hours as you like, when you like.

Franchises for sale in Melbourne

For those looking to take on their own business in this field, the good news is that there are many franchises for sale in Melbourne, Sydney and other regions all around Australia.

The process is simple, starting with an information pack and registration before you get to spend time in the field with an existing franchise owner so you can learn firsthand what is required.

Full training is provided and there is scope to learn about other garden elements such as landscaping, irrigation and other skills that can help you to increase your client base.

Once you have set up the official requirements like supplying your ABN, police check and other details, you will be ready to start work and earn money from the very first day.

Contact us on 1300 260 785 to learn more about how you can get started with your own Jim’s Mowing franchise.