Having an immaculate lawn throughout the year can sometimes feel like a chore but it’s definitely something to feel proud of. The lush, green goodness of your lawn is a representation of consistent – albeit enjoyable – work.

As the seasons and conditions change, so should how you care, grow and maintain your lawn.

Each season has its own requirements when it comes to grass maintenance and it’s normally a rotation of jobs including:

However, with different factors per season, this quick guide can help you stay on top of your lawn.

Summer – December to February

No matter where in Australia you’re located, one thing rings true – it’s HOT in summer. While parts of the country are often met with water restrictions during these times, there are things you can do for your lawn to keep it lush during summer.

Autumn – March to May

Transition seasons give you time to prep your lawn for the more extreme weather conditions. In addition to leaving your blades a bit longer after mowing and fertilizing other garden maintenance tasks you want to accomplish in autumn are:

Winter – June to August

Winter is the season to let your grass thrive. Regular maintenance throughout the year helps you take a little break and simply enjoy. However, some key areas to keep an eye on for the next three months include:

Spring – September to November

As the weather gets warmer, insects start to come out and your lawn will need some extra love and care.

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