Spring is a wonderful time to get planting in your yard, but the end of winter also means plenty of pests that are going to come out of the woodwork looking for a feed. Here are some of the main culprits to look out for – and how to get rid of them.

Common garden bugs and pests to get rid of:


These critters like to move into your garden over winter and can be an unwelcome intrusion to your home when the weather warms up. Check for cracks in your home’s foundation and seal up any small gaps around the windows or doors. You can also use pesticides around these entry points to prevent them from moving in.


Be careful before just blasting wasps with the insect spray, because they are actually a great way to keep other insect populations under control. If these nests are in the back corner of the yard and they are leaving you alone, consider leaving them alone, and they will pay you back by ridding your yard of plenty of other nasty insects.


Lay down flea killer around your lawn and the boundary of your house to ensure these annoying little insects are taken care of before they get out of control. If you have pets, you will need to pay them special attention as well because fleas just love to use them as hosts and that can be their passage to the indoors. Make sure your pets have had their flea treatment before letting them inside.

Slugs and snails

Spring is the season that slugs and snails live for. They hibernate in the winter and wake up with wide eyes and empty bellies, ready to devour all of the green shoots in your yard.  When left unchecked, their numbers can boom exceptionally quickly. It can take an extremely long time to locate and remove all of their eggs, so let their natural predators do the heavy lifting. Find as many eggs as you can and bring them into the light to attract birds to your yard. They will seek out the rest.

Stink bugs

Bronze orange bugs are well known in Australia, but more under its more common name – the stink bug. While their stench when slapped is annoying, they are far more of an influence on the fresh plants you are trying to grow. Stink bugs like to suck the sap out of trees, making their flowers and fruit rot and fall to the ground which in turn can damage your lawn and make your yard look untidy. Stink bugs aren’t huge fans of natural insecticides, especially ones with Pyrethrum.


These little bugs are covered in a white mealy coating (hence the name) and sometimes white hairs, and they LOVE warm, moist climates. That makes spring party time, and they love to bring all of their mates with them. They feed on plant juices and can quickly overrun your yard, but they hate rubbing alcohol so spray that on your plants, and they will take their party elsewhere.

Of course, if you feel like you need a helping hand to keep your yard free of these unwanted visitors, our team of garden landscapers are always ready to help.