There is something undeniably rewarding about harvesting vegetables from your garden. No need to run to the shop; these greens are 100% organic! Let’s get you started.

It’s not too difficult to grow vegetables however it is easier said than done. With some patience and perseverance, your first batch of vegetables will soon find their way into your pantry and onto your plate. 

Setting up your vegetable patch

A veggie patch can be small or big – but if you’re a newbie it’s best to start small and work from there. The tools required to grow vegetables are easy to find. There is a good chance you already own most of them, namely.

And for your safety, a pair of sturdy gardening gloves.

Basic gardening procedure

Sure, you can simply start planting wildly and hope for the best. However, as experts in the field, we highly recommend following these steps – especially if you’re new to gardening


Check out your garden over a few weeks and decide where to start. It’s important to note that not all vegetables like the same conditions. For instance, lettuce leaves are not too fond of harsh, afternoon sun whereas cucumbers or tomatoes quite like it. So you need a good understanding of where the sun is throughout the day.

Choose your spot

Ensure the area selected has enough sunlight and shade throughout the day to try and keep all of your plants happy. If there is no suitable spot in your garden, or you have no space, you can get a couple of planter boxes installed. These are ideal for vegetables.

Soil & compost

If you’re lucky to have healthy soil already then you can skip this step. If not, get hold of some textured soil and compost from your local store. Dump it into the area and mix them up to aerate and spread.

Start planting

If you’ve got seeds that have germinated and sprouted already (plugs), then you simply poke holes in your soil, evenly spaced and deep enough to submerge the whole tap root. If you still need to germinate your seeds, follow the instructions on your seed packaging.


Once all of your plugs are in, give them a healthy dose of water to ensure that they’re hydrated and take to their new environment. Ideally and depending on the plant, you’ll need to water them once a day for the first few days of planting.

5 Easy vegetables you can grow this summer

Whether this is your first vegetable patch, or you are expanding your existing one, these are five easy vegetables to grow this summer.

  1. Cucumbers
    Deliciously fresh and work well in salads, as a stand-alone snack or even in a drink. They do need shade if it is hot and sunny but generally copy in sunlight. Place a shade cloth to protect them if your garden is very exposed. You should harvest them when they’re about six to eight inches in length.
  2. Tomatoes
    Tomatoes are a staple of so many dishes, it makes sense to have some in the garden. They work in salads, are the base ingredient of so many sauces and can even be eaten straight off the vine. Depending on the type of tomato you’re planting, you ideally want them in direct sunlight with enough space and in moist soil.
  3. Lettuce
    Green leaves are the best. Lettuce is a healthy food that can introduce all sorts of flavours to your meals – especially when combined with herbs. All lettuce needs shade in the hot afternoon and water either in the early morning or evening. For optimum growth, you should remove damaged leaves.
  4. Carrots
    Carrots love sunlight but mainly in the cooler seasons. However, don’t expect to see these pops of orange in your garden because they grow underground – only their leaves stick out of the soil. While these vegetables might take long to germinate, once they do, they prefer to be ‘left alone’.
  5. Eggplants
    Eggplants are perfect for summer as they do not thrive in colder weather. If you already have tomatoes in your garden, it is a good idea to plant your eggplants near them as they require similar care.

There are many more vegetables you can plant in your garden. And that is without mentioning herbs and spices. Generally, the two factors that define your patch’s setup are seasonality and personal preferences.

Need assistance in your garden?

Whether you need an area cleared out for your first vegetable patch, require some sturdy planters, or want to give your outdoor space the love and attention it deserves, Jim’s Mowing is happy to help you with your home gardening needs.
So, start growing, get gardening, and prepare for that first vegetable harvest.

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