When it comes to our lawns, many of lean towards imported options like buffalo grass from Africa and North America, and couch from Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

While these are fantastic options, we also have many native species in Australia that can match them and provide you with a good-looking, lush lawn year-round. Best of all, they’re easy to maintain (we promise).

What kinds of grass are native to Australia?

There are many natives available and they all suit different regions and climates. Here are some of the best options for all-Aussie grass varieties to jazz your yard up with.

Redgrass: This is more likely to be found in tropical areas and is a great option because of its hardy nature and drought resistance. Because of its natural low height, it rarely needs mowing as well.

Kangaroo grass: Also known as themeda triandra, this grows absolutely everywhere in Australia and is an extremely common variety for lawns. It is slow-growing so you won’t need to mow much, but it does grow in tufts so re-seeding may be required at least once a year for bare patches.

Wallaby or white top grass: Austrodanthonia caespitose has many names and is more likely to be found in the southern parts of the country. It tends to thrive better in cool, wet climates but it is very versatile when it comes to the soil types it will grow in.

Weeping rice-grass: Another excellent all-rounder that will grow in most places around Australia and likes both the sun and the shade. It likes most soil types too – even waterlogged clay. It stands up to kids and pets playing on it, mows easily and contains high levels of nutrients.

Nara grass (Zoysia Macrantha): Australia is often referred to as the sunburned country and many places need a grass that is going to be tough enough to tolerate an arid climate. Nara grass outperforms even the best buffalo and couch turf in this regard and is the toughest native species getting around.

What is the best type of grass?

This really comes down to personal preference and the availability of certain native grasses across Australia.

But weeping rice-grass really stands out as the best option to plant absolutely anywhere in the country because of how tough and versatile it is. If you do live in a part of Australia where the summers are especially brutal or are drought-stricken, though, the Zoysia Macrantha is the preferred option for you.

At the end of the day, the Australian native species have been bred to endure our specific soil types, our climate and our long summers without rain. You are going to get a good-looking and robust lawn with any native option so shop around for the one that you like best that is available in your region.

And if there are allergies or water shortages, don’t forget you always have the option of an artificial turf lawn as well, which Jim’s Mowing’s team can assist with.