Many of us live in homes with noticeably decreased outside spaces as our cities get more urbanised and our backyards get smaller. However, don’t let that discourage you from trying to improve. We have five tips to help you make the most of your garden because small places can be highly fruitful.

  1. Choose high yielding, compact varieties

    Focus on vegetables like herbs and leafy greens (salad leaves, spinach, and silverbeet). These quick-growing, cut-and-come-again vegetables will provide you with numerous harvests and dinners in the same amount of time it could take you to grow just a few carrots.

  2. Think about your vegie bed dynamically

    You can plant more in zigzag patterns than in rows. This enables you to take advantage of the light requirements of each plant without crowding any out, increasing your harvests.

  3. Go vertical

    If you’re short on floor space, look up—vertical space is practically endless! Don’t undervalue these vertical areas because they can significantly expand your growing space and give your plants access to additional light.

  4. Use edges to plant flowers

    Plants should be able to cascade off the sides of vegetable beds and pots. Flowers like alyssum or nasturtium are valuable to overgrow along the sides of vegetable beds. They serve as a trap crop to divert animals from attacking your actual product and they attract predatory insects to quickly dispatch any prospective pests. They also provide aroma and color to confuse or discourage pests.

  5. Use pots and grow bags everywhere

    Even on concrete or paved surfaces, you can plant vegetables by utilising grow bags and pots. On a balcony or a portion of a driveway that is otherwiseunoccupied, you can accommodate a dwarf peach tree. Another benefit is that you may move them around easily in a shaded yard during the winter to “chase the sun.”

Speak to a professional

If you’re struggling for gardening space, Jim’s Mowing specialists can assist. From mowing and landscaping to simply advising on anything plant related, we’re ready to take your call.