There are various viewpoints on this. Some experts claim that it is irrelevant. Some claim that it does. However, most individuals are unaware of it if your time is flexible.

But the truth is – the best time to mow your lawn DOES exist!

Early Morning

The worst time to mow is probably first thing in the morning. The grass will probably be covered in morning dew. This could put extra strain on your mower and result in uneven grass cutting. The grass can shred as a result of this. Here’s the deal: if your lawn is moist, disease and fungus can easily enter through your grass.


The best time of day to mow the grass, according to the majority of experts, is mid-morning. The justification for this is that the lawn needs time to recover before dusk. This indicates that your lawn really needs the day to dry and recover before dusk falls.

According to the idea, cutting your grass while it’s too hot on the lawn could cause the grass to burn. There is an argument to be made that mid-morning is the best time of day to mow if you have the luxury of choosing when to do so during the day.


Midday grass mowing is normally safe, but it is not recommended. You will stress out the turf in addition to having to work during the warmest portion of the day.


The second best time of day to mow your grass is in the afternoon. The afternoon is a wonderful time to mow your lawn if you can’t go outside in the morning and don’t want to risk burning it.


It’s just as awful to mow your lawn too late in the day as it is to do it too early. This is due to the fact that this dew disappears as night falls. You run the same danger of exposing your freshly cut grass to fungus and disease as you did in the morning.

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