You are attempting to mow the lawn, but your reliable mower won’t start. How annoying!

Exciting news, after some simple tinkering, a mower will usually start. How do you proceed from here? Here are some suggestions for simple push mower troubleshooting.

  1. Start with the basics…. does it have gas in it?

    I understand it’s a silly question, but please confirm still!

  2. Time to check the air filter

    If it has gas, then it must be the air filter. Remove the filter; it can be clogged with debris and this is the issue. Tap the filter softly against a concrete surface to clear it of the obstruction. Try to start the mower as quickly as you can with the filter off. Occasionally, the filter becomes soiled enough to prevent starting or becomes covered in fuel.

  3. Still nothing? Try Starter fluid

    The most frequent causes of a mower not starting are bad gas, blocked lines, and flooded motors. After cleaning the air filter, try spritzing the engine with starting fluid. There is a hole behind the air filter. Spray the starting fluid into the hole behind the filter for two to three seconds. Promptly make an attempt to start the mower.

  4. Nothing again? Clean the carburetor and gas lines

    Assuming you have contaminated gas or water in the tank, you will need to drain the entire tank. It’s time to remove the bolt at the gas line’s end beneath the air filter now that the gas has been turned off. While the carb is still attached to the mower, the bolt can be removed.

  5. It’s time to check the spark plug

    The spark plug will be located on the engine’s front face and have a rubber boot with a wire protruding from it that is attached to the spark plug’s tip. Make sure the rubber boot is correctly connected.

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