A gorgeous-looking garden adds easy appeal and market value to your home, and they’re relatively simple to achieve.

Investing in a natural, inspiring outdoor space not only improves the appearance of your property but also gives you a place to relax and entertain.

When your garden is implemented and maintained correctly, it can actually increase the dollar value of your property by up to 25 per cent more. For those looking to sell, this is a huge opportunity to tap into.

However, ensuring your garden remains luscious and beautiful requires regular work and maintenance. Luckily, solutions to combat this can be provided by professional gardening services experts like Jim’s Mowing.

Landscaping and gardening don’t have to be the huge hassle they’re made out to be, but they do take time and effort – something a lot of homeowners don’t have to spare these days.

Garden services that ensure beauty all-year-round

Investing in gardening services typically includes pruning, removal of debris and other maintenance options. But for an authentic, high-quality result, we recommend choosing a professional gardener that’s well-versed in delivering both exceptional care and attention-to-detail.

They’ll also be able to provide you with insights around adding more to your landscape. For example, Jim’s Mowing experts are usually well-positioned to help with plant selection and addressing major questions surrounding this, such as; Are they going to be able to occupy the same space together? What insects and diseases could they attract? These are important things to consider to ensure you are not introducing a species that could cause large parts of your existing garden to become damaged or die.

Jim’s Mowing provides solutions that consider all of this, including installation; fertilising and mulching; replacement needs and general maintenance. We can also take care of all edging and borders, delivering a complete approach to your outdoor requirements.

We’ll even take care of any pest infestations to keep your yard free of unwanted visitors.

The best professional gardening services should include:


The plants, trees and foliage are integral parts of a high-quality home garden, but landscaping completes the feel and look of your yard. There is so much that can be achieved here – from small ponds, steps and crafted corners of your yard through to major projects like retaining walls and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Professionals can help inspire you with their experience, knowledge of current trends and what will work best with your yard and space.

Irrigation management

It goes without saying that all of your garden plants and trees are going to require regular watering. But not every species has the same requirements.

Installing an irrigation system that manages this will ensure water is evenly distributed, along with regular garden services including maintenance and repairs on this irrigation will keep it running smoothly all year round.

Full lawn care

When you are meticulously crafting your dream garden, you want the lawn to match.

Employing the services of Jim’s Mowing means that you will get more than just a quick solution and the edges trimmed. During this time, you will receive high-quality maintenance to ensure you have a lush, green lawn to match your stunning gardens.

That includes restoration of any patches damaged by the elements, animals or other influences as well as proper dressing, fertilising, aeration and coring of the grass.