Even the most modest of garden patches are delicately balanced biotopes. The healthier the balance, the prettier your lawn will be. Organic lawn care keeps every aspect of your gardening routine grounded in nature. Let’s find out more about this sustainable, rewarding approach to all things grass.

What is Organic Lawn Care?

Organic lawn care means you only use organic, naturally available resources to nurture and enrich your soil and maintain your garden. The idea is to avoid using chemical options. Nature has a way to make things grow and thrive.

How to Have an Organic Lawn?

Start by only making use of organic fertiliser, herbicides, and pesticides. Organically feeding and protecting your soil ensures it will provide your garden with all the naturally occurring nutrients it needs.

Next, you want to water your garden efficiently. Local water restrictions permitting, water your garden less regularly, but for longer periods in the morning. Your grass will root deeper, getting more nutrients in the process.

Lastly, you must allow for some of that organic goodness to shine through in how your garden looks. You might not have that perfect, spotless green garden, and that is perfectly fine. Not all weeds are bad. A mix of different varieties of grass can coexist in a single lawn. Your organic garden should visually reflect its natural qualities and still be a feast for the eye!

What Are the Benefits?

Organic lawn care offers many benefits which include:

Overfeeding your garden with organic products has no significant negative impact. Your grass only takes what it needs and leaves the remaining nutrients. On the other hand, the wrong chemical product can render your lawn a barren wasteland

Most importantly, you are not jeopardising your garden’s health or your own. By not using chemicals, you can’t contaminate a source of water or cause a chemical runoff that’s harmful to the environment. Organic garden care is sustainable and contributes to the overall health of our planet.

Let us Look After your Lawn

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